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WHY5Research is a market research partner for those who really want to understand the consumer. Together with our clients, we answer the 5 ‘W’ questions: the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and, particularly, the ‘why’ of consumers’ choices. We believe that powerful solutions to marketing challenges start with these questions. Do you want to establish a valuable relationship of people with your brand?

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What ties people to the brand Belgium?

Proud to be Belgian?

What is important to the Flemish?

VRT wants to map the attitudes and opinions of people living in Flanders.

What do you think?

What changes should we make to our TV commercial?

DELA opts for a TV commercial which is best aligned with the target

Does it move you?

Why do people choose a certain type and brand of mineral water?

Spadel is carrying out a successful rebranding

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How can I attract new clients? How can I increase satisfaction and loyalty? Where can I best position my brand(s)? How should I position compared with competitors? What channels can I use? Does my communication work? To find gold, you have to dig. As the founders of motivational research and as the researchers of today, we work with you to develop an approach that provides an answer to your questions.

Qualitative research

Consumer behaviour is strongly driven by emotional and intuitive factors. Our diagnostic methods, initially developed by our founders, will guarantee a thorough understanding of what drives people.

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Quantitative research

Segmentation, tracking, brand equity, customer satisfaction research, pricing or concept testing? With a quantitative analysis, you will have the figures at your fingertips to make well-thought-out decisions.

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Your brand is what people say about you when you are not present. With CrowdPulse, we identify the most convincing arguments for great marketing strategies using big data.

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Increasing diversity means your target public is changing. As much as 20 per cent of your market may be untapped. Together with Tiqah, we specialize in diverse communities, including Muslim consumers.

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Neurodiagnostic research

Is your communication material effective? With the neuromarketing tool Evaluate, we measure the reaction of the brain in an objective way and we optimize your TV advertising spots, advertisements, logo and/or text.

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Advice and guidance

Thinking ahead together. Beyond just the data and for longer than just during the research. Only in this way can market research also be of structural value to your organization.

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How do we
work together?

We can achieve the best results together. Together, we consider how we can do efficient research which will have an impact on your brand and your organisation.


Often, a review of existing information is required first. This allows us to develop  sound hypotheses together, organise the research efficiently and customise it to your needs.


We rely on our trained researchers for the qualitative implementation. In each phase of the research, we will keep our fingers on the pulse together with you.


The researchers involved with the implementation phase also analyse the results. We go through them together and we interpret the insights which are gained from the research.


Based on the insights we work interactively on clear solutions: specific recommendations that help you to take successful decisions and to share insights into your organisation.

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Who are we?

We are researchers of the ‘Why’. A team of more than 20 employees with experience in more than 50 markets in all sectors throughout the world.


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