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New CEO to reinforce WHY5Research

Erik Frimout has been appointed CEO of the market research company WHY5Research. Frimout, an experienced marketer in both national and international businesses, will lead the further expansion of the company.

Erik Frimout, CEO WHY5Research

New phase

“With Erik’s extensive marketing and sales experience, he’s the right man to ensure continuity of top notch research to our customers whilst taking our new, promising products to the next level. This new phase for WHY5Research confirms our ambition to be a premium player in market research and beyond”, says his predecessor Jan Callebaut.

Promising methodologies

Frimout held different marketing and sales executive positions in both B2C and B2B route to markets in multinationals like AB Inbev and Nestlé, as well as in medium-sized companies like the Belgian organic fertiliser manufacturer Viano. “Our added value is to contribute to the expansion of our customers by leveraging our insights and market research data to substantiate strategic business decisions. The promising new methodologies of the WHY5Research team will enhance even more the quality of our output.”

By these promising methodologies, Frimout refers to the big qual tool ‘CrowdPulse’, the structural collaboration with the ethno-marketing agency Tiqah and the well-established neurodiagnostic tool ‘Evaluate’. Next to that, Frimout understands thoroughly the power of the fundamental quantitative and qualitative methods to drive strategic and tactical marketing decisions.

Team of directors

The new CEO will be surrounded by a team of three directors: in addition to current directors Madeleine Janssens and Tom Meere, also the recently appointed director of quantitative research Dries Dekeukeleire will join the management team. Jan Callebaut has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of WHY5Research.

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