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What changes should we make to our TV commercial?

DELA opts for a TV commercial which is best aligned with the target.


Being the biggest funeral insurer in Belgium and the Netherlands, DELA is always faced with the challenge of communicating in a balanced way: to have an impact, a clear wake-up call is necessary, but there is always the looming danger of shocking and immobilising people with topics surrounding death and loss. While these topics were already discussed in quite an open way in the Netherlands, DELA knew from experience that this would be a bit more difficult in Belgium.


In the first phase, we chose diagnostic double interviews to assess the preconditions for communication concerning funeral insurance. After this phase, it was clear that a warm and personal message without excessive sentiment would be most effective.

These insights allowed DELA to start developing some narratives for a TV commercial with two potential communication agencies. These narratives were tested by WHY5Research with the use of Evaluate, a neurodiagnostic approach which captures the deeper neurological response towards new potential TV commercials. Combining this with in-depth interviews gave psychological meaning to the results.


The first, qualitative diagnostic, phase of the research project led to clear-cut preconditions and guidelines to develop effective communication concerning funeral insurance. The second, neurodiagnostic, phase showed that one of the tested narratives had a much higher score for emotional involvement, attention and call to action. Furthermore, we identified those passages which could still be optimised. The communication agency which won the pitch welcomed these recommendations to develop communication with a balanced and yet compelling message.

During the weeks the TV advertising spot aired for the first time, the number of incoming calls to the DELA call centre increased by 47 percent. The number of visitors to the website and the number of qualified leads also rose significantly. The goal of stimulating the target and preferentially driving action was thus abundantly achieved. In contrast to earlier campaigns, moreover, there were hardly any complaints and brand awareness and experience measurably improved.

The final TV commercial can be seen here:

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You can find a comprehensive overview of the study alongside key findings at Evaluate.


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