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What drives success for a webshop? [edition 2018]

Discover the ingredients of the ideal webshop in the Belgian online shopper research 2018.

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The independent judgement of the client, being the decisive factor for granting awards for webshops: this is what makes the Safeshops Awards unique in its kind. In order to analyse the voice of the consumer, organizer asked WHY5Research to gather the motivations and satisfactions of the Belgian online shoppers. The market research is intended to be a frame of reference of what the Belgian shopper appreciates in his/her online shopping behavior and should ultimately lead to the selection of the winning web stores.


WHY5Research conducted a quantitative research, both with a national representative sample of consumers and customers of the participating webshops.


Want to know…

  • Why people say they shop online?
  • What is the frequency of buying in your product or service category?
  • Which devices are used for online shopping?
  • What is the importance of reviews?
  • What are the main concerns when shopping online?
  • What are the elements of the ideal webshop?
  • Which elements give you the right to play, and on which elements you can differentiate?
  • What is important in your customer care?
  • What is important for the payment?
  • Which typologies of shoppers can you take into account for your ecommerce strategy?

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