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Why do people choose a certain type and brand of mineral water?

Spadel is carrying out a successful rebranding.


In 2013, Spadel was still the Benelux market leader in natural mineral water. However, this was not a reason for the company to rest on its laurels, as there were still many opportunities to be seized. For example, each Spadel sub-brand had its own strong identity, but there was still scope for improving the synergy between the brands. Furthermore, some brands risked losing their differentiating power with regard to their competitors. That is why Spadel decided to undertake a proactive rebranding of their whole portfolio.


To build a relevant and lasting relationship between a brand and consumers, it is necessary to understand how a brand relates to the fundamental needs and motivations of those consumers. The qualitative diagnostic approach suggested by WHY5Research aimed to reveal and gain a thorough understanding of these fundamental needs and motivations.

Later, WHY5Research was a member of the multidisciplinary taskforce which translated the results of the research into a new brand architecture and new communication ideas and methods of implementation. These were again tested and fine-tuned with Evaluate, the neurodiagnostic approach of WHY5Research.


The first, qualitative diagnostic, phase revealed that mineral water was experienced as a wellspring of life. Still water symbolises a concern for life (for oneself, for children, …), while sparkling water is evocative of the force of life and vitality.

Spadel made use of these and other insights to shape the DNA of the new brand architecture. This DNA was excellently translated in the new masterbrand slogan ‘Op het leven!’ (To life!). The results of the neurodiagnostic phase, Evaluate, allowed Spadel to make use of very concrete and precise recommendations for the optimisation of new packaging designs and communication material.

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Interview with Dirk Van de Walle, Country & R&D Director Spadel, aired on 31 October 2016 on Kanaal Z [DUTCH]:

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