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Why people visit and buy at shopping malls

This qualitative diagnostic research reveals six customer personas that should be addressed to successful market shopping malls (specifically in the United Arab Emirates).

Shopping research


As the festive season is approaching and everyone is in a bubbly mood, landlords and retailers are getting ready for a busy shopping period! With a tremendous choice of shopping destinations in the United Arab Emirates and the noticeable increase in online shopping in the region, it is essential for marketers to understand shoppers’ drivers and barriers with regards to visiting and spending at shopping malls.


At WHY5Research we believe that emotions are the driving force of behaviour. It becomes then essential to gain a deeper understanding of the shopper and their inner-lying motivations. What are the different strategies shoppers adopt when visiting and spending at shopping malls?

WHY5Research has conducted a qualitative diagnostic research using a focus group methodology with local Emiratis, expat Arabs, expat Asians and Westerners who lives in the Emirate of Dubai.


Based on our experience in retail research in the UAE and the qualitative research sessions, we defined six different consumer personas with respect to their motivations to visit and buy in shopping malls.

These are the main customer personas based on motivational fundaments, which are necessary to help understand and create value for your brands and henceforth build a meaningful relationship with your customers on every step of your customers’ shopping journey.

Want to have a closer look at these personas/segments and their motivations towards visiting and spending at shopping malls? Then download the case study below!

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