What we offer

Big Qual

How do you persuade people to choose your brand? That is probably one of the most fundamental challenge that you face as a marketer. With CrowdPulse, you will be able to identify what people think of your brand and what are the most powerful arguments which you can use to change their attitude. Big data from quantitative research combined with the diagnostic analysis of qualitative research: discover the advantages of Big Qual!

Big Qual

As we literally test the arguments of respondents by checking them with other respondents, you will not only experience the power of particular arguments; you will also know what language you should be using in your communication. Detecting and using the correct arguments – that is what CrowdPulse is all about.

Your questions

  • What is the attitude towards my brand? Who is (extremely) positive or (extremely) negative?
  • Which arguments have sufficient persuasive power to change a person’s attitude?
  • What can I do to change an opinion in an effective way? What arguments are most effective? What arguments should I avoid?

Our methods

  • Online
  • Synergy of the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of information
  • Processing of a large amount of qualitative data by specialized researchers: Big Qual
  • Smooth, standardized approach and reporting