What we offer

Ethnic research

One out of five consumers in Belgium has a non-Belgian ethnic background. Are they included in your marketing strategy? WHY5Research collaborates with marketing experts of various origins to help brands to have a better understanding of Muslim consumers.

By composing intercultural research teams, we can indeed arrive at thorough analyzes that work towards synergy between different cultures. In this way we can also offer a constructive solution to ethnocentrism (to value your own culture and ethnicity higher than others) and cultural blindness (to take things for granted too easy).

Ethnic research

The strength of the fundamental research approach of WHY5Research combined with the unique cultural framework of interpretation guarantees insights and recommendations reaching the hearts and minds of Muslim consumers. And it will also provide you with advice about how you can incorporate this into the strategy towards existing target groups.

Your questions

  • What do Muslims think of my brand or the category in which I am or wish to be active?
  • Does my brand have potential with the target group? How can I best position myself?
  • On what consumers must I focus and how can I do this?
  • What arguments can I use to influence the attitude of consumers in a positive way?
  • How can I reconcile a strategy for existing target groups with my strategy for this new target group?
  • How well does my communication mix such as product, packaging, advertisements, commercials, logos, slogans and narratives work?
  • How do I establish the ideal price for my products and services?
  • What new products or innovations are possible, taking into account the requirements of consumers and my brand positioning?
  • Which channels are suitable for the purpose of marketing my brand in this market?

Our method

WHY5Research can apply its existing research methods to the target group: