What we offer

Neurodiagnostic research

Perhaps you know the feeling: you make and assess TV commercials, other advertisements, images and logos and you ask yourself: is this good enough? Will it attract attention? Will people process my message and will it have an emotional impact? The neurodiagnostic method Evaluate will enable you to answer these questions without you having to do traditional, time-consuming research.

Neurodiagnostic research

With EEG technology, we will objectively measure how the brain responds to a marketing stimulus. With microscopic precision, we will be able to say what will happen in the brain and when it will happen so that we can know what will work and what will not. As a result of in-depth interviews with the same respondents, we will also be able to identify the motivations and emotional triggers which will help us to gain a complete picture of how the consumer will respond to your marketing stimulus. With Evaluate, WHY5Research will, therefore, provide you with quick and accurate recommendations about how to make your communication more relevant and thus more cost effective.

Your questions

  • With my communication, am I achieving my objectives in terms of attention, emotional response and rational processing?
  • What narrative should I choose for my TV advertising spot?
  • Does my TV advertising spot hold the viewer’s attention? How can I shorten it in such a way that this has the least impact on the result?
  • How can I best shorten my TV advertising spot for an online version or a pre-roll advertisement? What type of image from the TV advertising spot can best be used as a campaign image in other media?
  • What campaign image, slogan, name or logo generates the best response according to our objectives?

Our method

  • EEG measurement via a headset which is not intrusive for the respondent
  • Own software combined with the services of a medical team
  • Measurement which is immediately followed by an in-depth interview
  • Whole process under the supervision of trained researchers at WHY5Research

You can find more information and cases on www.evaluate.be