What we offer

Qualitative research

Up to 90 percent of decisions consumers make are driven by emotions. However, these emotions are not all that easy to understand: people often give obvious reasons and rationalisations for their own attitude and behaviour.

Qualitative research

With our qualitative diagnostic methods, co-developed by our founders, and with our desire to have a real understanding of people, we go beyond what is apparent. In this way, we are able to reveal a person’s rational considerations as well as the often deeper emotional drivers. It is on this basis that we are able to develop your brand.

Your questions

  • What are the consumers’ fundamental needs and motivations I can tap into? What types of consumer can I appeal to? How must my brand present itself?
  • What new brands or propositions could I develop? What ideas does my target group have? How successful are my ideas and concepts among the target group?
  • What drives the satisfaction of my target groups? What contributes to the consumer’s satisfaction and what should I not be doing?
  • How well do my means of communication work (e.g. packaging, advertisements, commercials, logos, slogans and narratives)?
  • What channels are suitable for the purpose of marketing my brand? What added value do online channels, physical sales points, etc. provide?
  • Story tracking: how well does my brand do over time?

Our methods

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Duo-interviews
  • Co-creation sessions and workshops
  • Immersion and anthropological research such as in-home interviews and on-site face-to-face interviews
  • Online qualitative research such as bulletin boards and diary research