What we offer

Quantitative Research

Figures are important for effective marketing decisions, but real added value is to be found in the human story behind them: what do we learn from the consumer and which insights are useful? Our broad expertise in quantitative research solutions is a sure guarantee for a tailor-made approach.

Quantitative Research

Your questions

  • Which fundamental needs and motivations of the consumer have the greatest potential? What types of consumer should I optimally aim for? How must my brand present itself?
  • How satisfied are my target groups with my products and services? On what must I focus in order to maintain and increase satisfaction?
  • How well is my brand doing over time? Why? On what aspects must I focus?
  • How well does my communication mix such as product, packaging, advertisements, commercials, logos, slogans and narratives work? Are they consistent with my brand values? How do they score compared to benchmarks?
  • How do I establish the ideal price for my products and services?
  • What new product or innovations are possible, taking into account the requirements of the consumer and my brand positioning?
  • What distribution and communication channels are most suitable for the purpose of marketing my brand? What is the potential of, for example, online channels, physical sales points and other channels?

Our methods

  • Specialisation in online and telephone surveys
  • Consultancy on development of questionnaire/item batteries
  • Needs-based segmentations
  • Brand and image research
  • Concept tests
  • Ad hoc tailor-made research